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Fireplace, quail block and cancer

Mary Mann Cancer Journal

November 8, 2019

Cancer Journal

A grey fog has settled over the city. I can’t see the mountains. I can only see the neighborhood. The temperature is supposed to hit the sixties here in Albuquerque, but I doubt it. We need the sun to warm us up. Winter seems to have hit us suddenly. We turned from green to dull winter brown almost overnight. The quail block outside my bedroom window has been very busy. Lots of birds. Fat quail families making their regular visits. The squirrels have left the old tomato plant and are happily munching the quail block with the birds. I haven’t seen the chipmunks lately. Life in the backyard.

I enjoy winter here in Albuquerque. I enjoy my fireplace. Yesterday I had my afternoon coffee in a comfortable chair by the fire. I read another chapter or two from my current library book on my kindle. I am reading Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth. It is a seven hundred page book. The story draws you in and you feel the need to know what happens next. I keep reading. I have renewed this book once already and probably will need to do it again.

The lesion on my breast cancer scar  is stable. I have an ointment for it, and I am taking an antibiotic for the three organisms growing on it. I visit the wound clinic in a few days. It should be an easy fix.

It has taken me a long time to recover from last year’s cancer treatment. Last year at this time I was receiving another radiation treatment for another part of my body. It was a follow up to a summer of chemotherapy. Glad I have the year’s recovery under my belt.  I am stronger. I am doing a ten minute yoga routine every morning. It is good to have the energy for it and it is good to feel my muscles work.

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