Ride the rail runner free senior or military

Free Senior Wednesdays are Back!

The New Mexico Rail Runner Express is excited to announce that our promotion inviting seniors age 62+ to ride free on Wednesdays is back this summer!

From July through September, all Wednesday trains after 8 a.m. will be free for seniors, giving residents and visitors the opportunity to explore locations in Santa Fe and Albuquerque using public transportation.

How It Works:

Every Wednesday during the months of July, August and September, seniors age 62+ can ride any north or southbound train for free after 8 a.m. Just show the onboard Ticket Agent your valid photo ID (must contain your birth date). If you are planning on making a connection to an ABQ RIDE, Santa Fe Trails or Rio Metro bus, ask your Ticket Agent to print out a free bus transfer slip.

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Also, if you are retired military or have the VA medical ID you may get a free unrestricted pass for the whole year.


Cancer Club Thoughts for the day: MOJO

I am working a plan to get my mojo back.

Still recovering from two radiation treatments with more treatments on the horizon, I’m still a woman of little energy. The Health Plex associated with Presbyterian Hospital Systems here in ABQ offers a 10 week cancer rehabilitation program called Thrive.

I decided that it was just what I needed. On my last visit to my endocrinologist, I did persuade her to sign off on the program. I paid my $90 and submitted my paperwork. Fairly quickly I had an appointment with an exercise specialist for an evaluation.  Vitals, O2 sat, balance, body fat, weight(ugh!) and all those important numbers to see where my fitness level stood.

The next day I was started on a plan with several exercise machines.

The routine is to check in and have my blood pressure, O2 sat and well being checked. On Tuesday and Thursday I work the machines supervised. Pulse rate is checked between machines. BP and sat are checked  when I am done.

Monday I go to a special exercise class that covers every part of my body but is doable in my condition. Wednesday I go to an aerobics class which is geared to my level. On Friday I go to a Zumba class. I was encourages to go for the second 30 minutes. Fun. Next time I tried the hour but it was way too much. Will go back to the 30 minutes next week.

I have completed two weeks. My mind is happier that I am doing something to help myself. I feel the inkling of the old me in my bones. There is hope. MOJO rising!


Look Good Feel Better: A Delightful Program For Cancer Girls

A Bag full of goodies

 In February 2014, between radiation treatments, I knew I needed a  morale boost. I needed help. I needed a lot of help.  I had reached the point of no makeup, my appearance was in the C- range and I was dropping slowly to the bottom of fatigue and discouragement.

I made the call to Jamie McDonald at 291-2006 and signed up for the

Look Good Feel Better Program.  This program was started in 1987  when it was learned that makeovers really did help the morale and attitude of cancer patients. Three groups work together to make it happen. The Personal Care Products Council member companies provide funding and the excellent cosmetics. The American Cancer Society provided a national network to assist women with information and access to the program. The Professional Beauty Association/National Cosmetology Association provides expert volunteers to teach the program. Each year 50,000 cancer girls are given a huge bag of cosmetics in their individual skin tones and taught how to apply them. Visit their web site: http://lookgoodfeelbetter.org/  This wonderful program  boosts  morale and creates some very good memories during tough times.

My class was at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  There were four of us. Terese Hasse, an expert in skin care for cancer girls, taught the class. Jamie McDonald worked in the class also. We were each given a large cosmetic bag full of famous name products. Each designed for our individual skin tones. Unwrapping the endless products was like Christmas. There was even nail polish and sun screen. It was every bit the uplifting experience my cancer buddies said it would be.

I  wear the nail polish. I do enjoy the beauty ritual. Makes me feel fine. Make the call. Bring a friend, sister, mother. Come for you. Well worth it. I would like to know your reaction.

Classes are at  MD Anderson Cancer Center, next to Kaseman Presbyterian Radiology Department. Call Jamie McDonald to reserve 291-2006

Friday Class 10:00 am

5/16/14     6/20/14     7/18/14     8/15/14     9/19/14     10/17/14     11/21/14     12/19/14

Tuesday Class  3:00 pm

5/6/14     6/3/14     7/1/14     8/5/14     9/2/14     10/7/14   11/4/14     12/2/14


Yoga for cancer patients at High Desert Yoga

HIGH DESERT YOGA is a highly respected yoga studio in the Albuquerque community.
There are classes for everyone.  There are many seminars available, too.

My favorite is a Tuesday cancer class given by the wonderful Patti Lentz at 11:15.
Just show up. Mats and other tools of the trade are available for use.
It is free. It is restorative yoga.
While I have been ill, Patti’s class has been a life savor for me.
Check it out. You will be glad you did.
“High Desert Yoga opened its doors in 1995 with the goal of graciously welcoming everyone to the study and practice of yoga. We seek to make the healing benefits of yoga available to all ages and abilities from youngsters to elders, from novice to advanced practitioners, including people with therapeutic needs.”

4600 Copper Ave NE