Look Good Feel Better

There is one good thing about chemotherapy. It is the Look Good Feel Better program. Fun. A time to share. Like Christmas. It is a two-hour appointment with a cosmetologist in a small group of women who have cancer.

I had participated in a program five years ago when I was in radiation treatment for breast cancer. That appointment was at MD Anderson on Indian School near Kaseman. This session was at the Rust Cancer Center and was equally as good as the one five years ago. We are each given a cosmetic bag full of cosmetics that matches our skin tones. The bags come sealed and ready for us. At our places we each have a mirror and cosmetic wipes.

Opening the bag is like Christmas. My bag had Chanel powder, lipstick and blush. Clinique foundation, Estee Lauder face cream and eye makeup, IT brow powder and a set of brushes, body lotion and sun screen. Pure joy.

Our instructor walks us through the steps of taking care of our face during cancer treatment. She used me to demonstrate for our group. I was not well. My energy level was non-existent. Yet, I looked forward to this and enjoyed every minute.

I came home with a cosmetic bag full of expensive goodies and a big smile on my face. I’m still bald. I’m still weak. But I had a good moment. A happy moment that will repeat itself every time I use any of the cosmetics in my cosmetic bag full of goodies.

The Look Good Feel Better program started 30 years ago. A doctor asked the president of the Personal Care Products Council how he would arrange to have a makeover for a cancer patient who refused to come out of her room because she felt she look horrible. Cosmetics and a cosmetologist transformed her look and her outlook.

With such profound results, the idea was presented to the Personal Care Products Council membership, the nation’s cosmetic industry leaders, who immediately offered funding and cosmetics. The American Cancer Society joined the effort as did the Professional Beauty Association. Today Look Good Feel Better is offered in every state in the union including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The program is offered once a month at the Rust Cancer Center and it is offered at most cancer centers in Albuquerque. It is well worth the time and energy to go.




Look Good Feel Better: A Delightful Program For Cancer Girls

A Bag full of goodies

 In February 2014, between radiation treatments, I knew I needed a  morale boost. I needed help. I needed a lot of help.  I had reached the point of no makeup, my appearance was in the C- range and I was dropping slowly to the bottom of fatigue and discouragement.

I made the call to Jamie McDonald at 291-2006 and signed up for the

Look Good Feel Better Program.  This program was started in 1987  when it was learned that makeovers really did help the morale and attitude of cancer patients. Three groups work together to make it happen. The Personal Care Products Council member companies provide funding and the excellent cosmetics. The American Cancer Society provided a national network to assist women with information and access to the program. The Professional Beauty Association/National Cosmetology Association provides expert volunteers to teach the program. Each year 50,000 cancer girls are given a huge bag of cosmetics in their individual skin tones and taught how to apply them. Visit their web site: http://lookgoodfeelbetter.org/  This wonderful program  boosts  morale and creates some very good memories during tough times.

My class was at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  There were four of us. Terese Hasse, an expert in skin care for cancer girls, taught the class. Jamie McDonald worked in the class also. We were each given a large cosmetic bag full of famous name products. Each designed for our individual skin tones. Unwrapping the endless products was like Christmas. There was even nail polish and sun screen. It was every bit the uplifting experience my cancer buddies said it would be.

I  wear the nail polish. I do enjoy the beauty ritual. Makes me feel fine. Make the call. Bring a friend, sister, mother. Come for you. Well worth it. I would like to know your reaction.

Classes are at  MD Anderson Cancer Center, next to Kaseman Presbyterian Radiology Department. Call Jamie McDonald to reserve 291-2006

Friday Class 10:00 am

5/16/14     6/20/14     7/18/14     8/15/14     9/19/14     10/17/14     11/21/14     12/19/14

Tuesday Class  3:00 pm

5/6/14     6/3/14     7/1/14     8/5/14     9/2/14     10/7/14   11/4/14     12/2/14